Reinforced plastic windows (PVC)

If you decide to replace the old windows or you are not satisfied with the quality of window structures in the newly purchased apartment, we advise you to pay attention to the products made of reinforced plastic. Such windows have many advantages over wooden ones, and their structure consists only of reliable elements.

Reinforced plastic windows: features and benefits

Reinforced plastic windows are plastic windows consisting of PVC-profile with a built-in metal frame. This is an essential detail, thanks to which the strength and durability of the structure are ensured. One cannot do without such an option of windows systems in the rooms located on the upper floors of the skyscrapers. Ordinary windows are simply not able to withstand heavy loads that cause sudden wind gusts.

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    Over the past few years, reinforced plastic windows have begun to enjoy even greater demand than the wooden and aluminum structures. The main material used for their production is polyvinyl chloride. It is completely harmless to health, is characterized by resistance to atmospheric factors and corrosion, as well as high plasticity. The latter feature allows producing plastic windows of various shapes and configurations.