Insect screen

Insect screen is the most effective way to get rid of insects in any room: at home, at the office or in the store, without interfering with the free penetration of fresh air into the room.

Insect screens – reliable protection against insects and not only

The insect screen will protect you from insect attacks around the clock, allowing you to spend evenings in comfort with the lighting turned on and sleep comfortably at night. Such window accessories are not only a protection from insects, fluff and dust, but also a quiet sleep and safety for health.

The protective insect screen is done as a light but sturdy structure made of hollow aluminum strips. It is equipped with a grid made of polymer fiberglass. This structure is mounted on the profile system and is simple, but at the same time perfect. The insect screen is very durable, it even supports the weight of an adult cat and the cat’s claws do not damage it.

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    The insect screen is a technically perfect structure that is easy to mount and features reliability and ease of use. It does not cause difficulties in care – you can wash the accessory under the tap or just wipe with a common damp sponge, and the fasteners do not require any care at all. Insect screens are made on an individual basis, taking into account the window sizes where they will be installed. Our measurers make precise measurements, so customers get screens that fit perfectly into the size of the window opening. We guarantee that no insects will get into your home with our window accessories.