Energy efficient windows

The issue of energy efficiency remains relevant not only for the residents of apartments with central heating, but also for the owners of housing with an individual heating system. When choosing windows, we are usually suggested the two options - standard window design and windows with energy efficient glass. Today we will talk about whether it is worth buying energy efficient windows and dwell on their main features.

Energy efficient windows: price, pros and cons

If you still have Soviet wooden windows in your building or you have already taken advantage of modern reinforced plastic structures that did not bring the desired result, it is time to pay attention to energy efficient systems. They include glass with energy-saving coating, which is invisible with the naked eye. In most cases, the energy efficient glass is installed inside the room to rule out its contact with external environment. Manufacturers usually guarantee that with proper use the energy efficient function will be effective for 25 years.

The glass unit with energy-saving glass has one main function – reflection. It is thanks to it that a comfortable indoor temperature is ensured. During the warm season, the window reflects the sun’s rays towards the street contributing to the coolness in the room. But in winter heat is reflected from the heating equipment back to the house, which makes it twice as warm in the room.

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    Енергозберігаючі вікна

    Therefore, the list of the main advantages of energy efficient windows includes:

    • significant savings during the heating season (consumption of gas/electricity is reduced);
    • comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year;
    • reduction of structure weight;
    • long service life.

    Like any other product, energy-saving structures have their drawbacks. The main disadvantage is the high cost. But if you have carefully studied the information outlined above, you understand that in the first year the overpaid amount will fully pay off and will help to save considerable costs in the future. Thus, it is better to go for one-time expenses in order to obtain real financial benefits in the long run.