Danke window sills

Reinforced plastic windows are already used in many city apartments, detached houses and offices, but continue to grow even more popular among consumers. This is indicative of the high quality and versatility of such products. However, it is not enough to buy a high-quality window, it is also important to take care of additional options and its decorative elements. One of the essential parts that should accompany each window structure is the window sill. We suggest paying attention to Danke manufacturer, whose products have earned a well-deserved reputation in various countries around the globe.

Lalbero Bianco – white tree
Lalbero dell'oro – golden oak
Lalbero Bruno – brown oak
Marmor Classico – gray marble
Lalbero Classico – light oak
Wenge – wenge
Creme de Turque – light beige marble
Onyx – pink onyx
Lucido Bianco – white gloss
Mahagony - red tree

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