Balcony windows

If you choose to install new balcony windows, first you need to decide which features of these structures are most important to you. With glazing of balconies and loggias, you can visually increase the area of the room or make it more quiet and cozy, change the design of the room or reduce the heat loss. This approach allows you not to be mistaken and choose the best option of the window system

Balcony windows and their varieties

The size and price of the windows directly depend on the shape and dimensions of your balcony. It can be made in two most common options:
• L-shaped;
• U-shaped.

Loggia is an integral part of residential premises, which can be found with ever increasing frequency in modern homes and apartments. Loggias always have only front glazing with windows that open. There is no need for fixed side windows. You can come across loggias of different size in the new apartment buildings, which can even have an arched structure. Before starting the installation work, you should carefully consider the number of sashes that will open, so that in the future you could seamlessly clean windows from outside.

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