Arched windows

Arched windows can add a peculiar sophistication and elegance to the facade of any building. This type of window structures will fit not only historical architectural monuments and buildings in an antique style. They look chic in modern cottages and apartment buildings. Arched windows are the choice of those who do not chase the modern tendencies, but appreciate always-topical classics.

Arched reinforced plastic windows: design features

Such window systems have a complex structure, so when installing arched windows, one needs perfectly accurate measurements and professional installation. Every detail should be thoroughly considered to maximize the service life of such windows. These details include the division of windows into segments, determination of the method of opening and the method of decorating jambs after the window installation.

There are two simple ways that allow you to accurately measure a window opening. The first is to construct an arched window with support points. However, this occurs only after determining the main dimensions. Another option is to build a window template. To do this, one should apply a film or cardboard on the window opening, outline and cut the finished template to be used in production.

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    Arched structures: pros and cons

    The list of main advantages of arched windows includes:

    • refined design;
    • a wide range of decoration methods: using stained glass, lamination and other elements;
    • increasing the amount of natural light in the room.