Composite decking boards is the material, which acts as an ideal alternative to natural wood. It harmoniously combines the warmth and aesthetic appearance of wood, as well as the durability and ease of care inherent in plastic products. Polymer composite is a nice to the feel material, which surface has no granulation. In addition, the board will not be slippery even in rainy weather.

Decking: field of use

This material is called decking in Europe. It is characterized by resistance to mechanical damage, temperature drops and high humidity. The up-to-date decking board is not sensitive to sunlight and has a wide field of use. It is used:

  • in country cottages and on terraces;
  • as a flooring on balconies and verandas;
  • when arranging space around indoor and outdoor pools;
  • on recreational grounds and playgrounds;
  • in the courtyards of the elite class cafes and restaurants.

The composite board for the terrace is similar in its durability to solid wood. It can be mounted on both the ground and concrete surfaces. Unlike natural wood, a polymeric composite does not spoil after prolonged contact with moisture.

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    Decking: Benefits

    Among the main reasons to buy a composite decking board is its following features:

    • Wear resistance and long service life. The floor, made of such material, can withstand the weight of one tone per square meter. It is now possible due to a modifier in the material.
    • Resistance to scratches and stains from household chemicals.
    • Flexibility. In the installation process, the decking can be bent, taking the desired shape. It is thanks to this property that the steps, corners, protrusions, and also relief elements of the decoration can be covered with the help of the decking board.
    • Simple care. The board does not need to be painted or covered with varnish. Clean its surface from dirt with a damp sponge and a regular detergent.
    • Quick and easy installation. The installation can be performed even by a beginner in the construction and finishing works. Complex tools will not be required in the process of installation.
    • Aesthetic look. Decking is made in a wide range of colors and textures. The choice is limited to the designer’s imagination.

      The multipurpose composite board fits perfectly with any style of interior or landscape design. It will make your terrace, balcony or courtyard an original and cozy place.