Weathering for Windows

Weatherings are a mandatory element of a modern window system designed to protect the lower part of the structure from destructive environmental factors such as rain, snow, temperature fluctuations, wind gusts and other weather factors.

Weatherings for windows and their main features

In modern buildings you can hardly find window systems without weatherings. This is due to the fact that although the role of these small details is invisible, it will remain very important. Weatherings have not only practical but also decorative function. They act as facade decoration and give the finished appearance to any building. The variety of colors in which they can be made, allows you to pick up the color to the shade of the window frame.

Window weatherings have the following main benefits:

  • long service life;
  • protection against corrosion, temperature fluctuations, mechanical damage and precipitation;
  • preservation of the original appearance during the whole period of use;
  • affordable price.

The main requirements for window weatherings are rigidity and high resistance to sharp changes in temperature. Only the product that meets these requirements can be considered to be of a high quality.

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    Types of weatherings on the windows

    The window weatherings can safely be called an important detail and a true accent in the exterior of the house. Depending on the material, which they are made of, manufacturers distinguish between the following varieties of weatherings:

    • Plastic. PVC, which is actively used in the manufacture of window structures, does not dry up or fade in the sun. It is not sensitive to moisture and is characterized by high fire resistance. Plastic weatherings have aesthetic appearance, are stably shaped and are easy to pick up according to the window design.

    • Aluminum. The products from this material are not sensitive to cold, acid rain and scratches. Aluminum weatherings are covered with varnish, which preserves the original shade throughout the entire service life of the window accessory.

    • Galvanized. Weatherings of galvanized steel are covered with an anticorrosive layer. They are characterized by resistance to atmospheric phenomena, mechanical damage and temperature jumps. A durable version of exterior décor with aesthetic appearance.