Balconies and loggias

The issue of additional square meters is often of interest to people who only plan to buy an apartment and to owners of already purchased housing. It is often possible to make up for the lack of useful space due to balconies. So that this additional space could be comfortably equipped and used at your discretion, you should install high-quality window and door structures. We recommend paying attention to the reinforced plastic systems for balconies and loggias.

Reinforced plastic balconies and their types

We will consider the main types of balcony structures below, which are most often installed in modern homes and apartments.

Loggia – unlike balcony, it is located in a niche and is a part of the house. It has a ceiling and two side walls. There is no need for connecting profiles for loggias glazing. Since the loggia is usually secured on three sides, glazing may be done even with profiles that will carry a significant load on the structure.

L-shaped balcony. Glazing is mainly carried out with the help of the reinforced plastic structure consisting of the front and lateral parts, connected to each other at a right angle.

U-shaped balcony is one of the most complex types of glazing. The main problem is ensuring stiffness of the structure and strengthening of the parapet corners. It is often necessary to use additional metal profiles for glazing.

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