Sliding windows and doors

It has long been difficult to surprise anyone with the presence of sliding windows and doors in the interior. Not only the residents of country houses and cottages enjoy their advantages, but also the owners of apartments. Such a solution will be especially relevant in the context of architectural constraints. If a standard window requires an additional space to open the sash, sliding structures can be installed even in narrow spaces such as balconies and loggias.

Sliding windows and doors

With the help of reinforced plastic sliding structures you can increase the level of sound and thermal insulation in the room. A good level tightness can be achieved through the use of special sealants. The only disadvantage of the sliding system is the high cost of the hardware. It does not allow some consumers to refuse from a simpler tilt and turn structure.

Advantages of sliding windows and doors:
• aesthetic appearance;
• ease of care and use;
• reliability and long service life;
• high breaking strength;
• saving free space in the room.

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    Розсувні двері

    Sliding systems will be an ideal option for a swimming pool, a sunroom and a terrace.