SALAMANDER shutters is a relatively new but useful and necessary product that appeared on the Ukrainian market in 2016. This is not only an easy way to create a special distinguished design of the house facade, but also a reliable protection from sunlight. If you are hesitant, which material is better to choose, we recommend that you pay attention to modern plastic shutters for windows. Unlike wooden ones, they do not require regular care and painting, nor will they be as heavy as metal products.

How to choose shutters for windows?

The first thing that attracts the attention of most consumers when choosing is the appearance of the shutters. As a rule we want to find exactly the option that we saw when traveling in Italy, Germany, Switzerland or Austria. If you are looking for a contemporary European design that will make the house façade sophisticated and unique and will distinguish it amongst others, SALAMANDER shutters is just the one for you. They harmoniously combine aesthetic and practical functions.

Reinforced plastic windows have a color set that is clearly determined by the catalogue. As they are in greatest demand among modern consumers, it is better to give preference to plastic shutters, which can be selected according to the same catalogue. This means that you can easily pick the shutters for windows of the same color or vice versa to make use of the contrast of shades.

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    Shutters can be mounted in one of three ways:
    • on the window frame;
    • on the wall;
    • on the jambs.

    Our specialists will help you to choose the right mounting method. They will take into account the architectural features of your home and will choose the best option for a particular case. If you plan to buy windows and shutters at the same time, be sure to warn the measurer about this before he begins to perform the measurements.